Come to see the Goddess, have you? Good. But be careful. Don't fall in love with her or she may have to kill you. Wouldn't want to end up like Theodorus, would we?

The Gallery

Good Days Pilaging: "Callisto"
You Want It?: "Callisto"
Planning a New Frame: "Callisto"
Perfect: "Callisto"
Sequel!: "Callisto"
Lady MacCallisto: "Return of Callisto"
In Control: "Return of Callisto"
The Face of Madness: "Return of Callisto"
Perplexed: "Return of Callisto"
We're Both Going to Die: "Return of Callisto"
You're Good: "Return of Callisto"
The Original Finale: "Intimate Stranger"
Callisto as Xena Head Shot (1): "Intimate Stranger"
Mexican Standoff: "Intimate Stranger"
Callisto as Xena Head (2): "Intimate Stranger"
Catch of the Day: "Ten Little Warlords"
Class Picture: "Ten Little Warlords"
A Real Swinger: "Ten Little Warlords"
Disappointment: "Ten Little Warlords"
Callisto and Lil Hercules: "A Necessary Evil"
Callisto Ready: "A Necessary Evil"
Escape: "A Necessary Evil"
No Blood HeeHee: "A Necessary Evil"
Come Here Often Lil Girl?: "A Necessary Evil"
I Have a Death Wish: "A Necessary Evil"
Here Comes Trouble: "A Necessary Evil"
Les Miserable: "Surprise"
I'm Callisto: "Surprise"
Looking up to Herc: "Surprise"
Saint Callisto: "Surprise"
Cirra Burns: "Destiny"
Young Callisto Stunned: "Destiny"
The Birth of Callisto: "Destiny"

people have seen the Goddess in all her glory

Samantha McCullah
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