So you would like to get to know the Goddess better, hmm? Wouldn't we all? Unfortunately she is a private person, but we can learn much from the show Xena: Warrior Princess. The following are the episodes that our beloved Goddess has appeared in.

The Episode Guide

Hopefully this guide will contain more as I have the time to review my tapes of the episodes. Until then this will have to do.

The Goddess first appears, and we hear the story of Cirra. Unfortunately we also meet Joxer.

Return of Callisto:
The Goddess breaks out of prison, terrorizes Xena, kills Perdicas, nearly turns Gabby into a killing machine, and drowns in some quicksand. Busy day. Joxer is shot by an arrow, but he lives.

Intimate Stranger
The Goddess escapes Tartarus with help from Ares, switches bodies with Xena, nearly turns Gabby into a killing machine again, kills Theodorus, nearly burns Amphipolis alive, experiences guilt for the first time, and we get to meet her mother. Unfortunately she's still in Xena's body at the end of the episode, and Joxer still lives!

Ten Little Warlords
Not really a Goddess episode, but it is her body. Ares loses his godhood, Gabby gets the fightin' spirit, Sisyphus escapes Tartarus(again!), mistakes Xena for Callisto, Xena as Callisto(XCal) must battle eight warlords and a monster, monster turns out to be a large fan, XCal gets Ares godhood back, Xena and Callisto back into their respective bodies.

Hera releases the Goddess from Tartarus with orders to kill Hercules. Callisto drugs Herc's family, forces Herc to take her to the Tree of Life whose apples are the only cure. Callisto eats an apple, becomes immortal, kicks Herc's butt for awhile, ends up locked in room.

A Necessary Evil
The Goddess teams up with Xena and Gabby. Callisto runs herself through with a sword, makes fun of Gabby, invents Truth or Dare, kicks Velasca's butt for about thirty minutes, gets some Ambrosia, kick's Velasca's butt some more this time with lightening bolts, and ends up a lava statue in a lava pit.

people have learned of the Goddess's exploits.

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