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Our Goddess!

Welcome to the Temple of Callisto. Callisto is the Goddess of Vengenace or Rage, take your pick. My name is Samantha, and I'll be your guide in this lovely temple.

Callisto is the ultimate villianess on Xena: Warrior Princess. Ten years ago Xena ruthlessly burned the Goddess's village, Cirra, to the ground, and since that moment the Goddess has been driven by the need for vengenace. Luckily while fighting Velasca, a renegade Amazon Goddess, Callisto got her hands on some ambrosia (Gimme my Ambrosia! ,ANE). Unfortunately Callisto and Velasca ended up in a lava pit, supposedly forever. But in the time of ancient gods, nothing is for certain.

Well that's all that I can help you right now. Feel free to browse through the many rooms of the temple. Try not to steal anything, or I maybe forced to kill you.

Callisto is portrayed brilliantly by Hudson Leick.

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In this Temple you'll find:

The Callisto Scrolls: Fan Fiction about the Goddess
Callisto Quotes: Words of Wisodom from the Goddess
The Calisto Gallery: Pictures of the Goddess
Callisto Episodes: Learn of the Goddess's exploits
Celeste Gallery : Hudson's role on Touched by an Angel
Callisto Links: Other places to find the Goddess

Samantha McCullah

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This Temple has been worshipped at times.